About Us

"Shop Online" and "Shop Local" - what if these two great concepts weren't mutually exclusive?

Shelley's Gift Shop has been shipping and delivering gifts since 2020. We aim to provide our customers the convenience, customer service, and ease of online shopping made popular by giant corporations, while still supporting small businesses.  Each product carried at our store has been hand-picked not only because we think they are great, but because we want to help the people responsible for creating them!

Thank you for considering shopping with us, we hope you enjoy our products!

Our Team 

Headshot of Shelley Evans in a black and white striped plaid shirt, smilling, sunny day with a painted white brick wall background

Shelley Evans, Founder

headshot of employee Rachael, smiling with matching with brick wall background wearing a pink shirt

Rachael, Project Manager 

Headshot of team member, Keisha, matching white painted brick wall background, smiling with a black and white flower print shirt

Keisha, Video Creator 

headshot of team member Aaron, same matching painted white wall background, smiling, wearing a black polo shirt
Aaron, Video Creator

Christina, Art Production Manager

team photo, from left to right, Aaron, Rachael, Keisha, Shelley



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If you need additional information please email us at shelleysgiftshop@gmail.com.

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