The Digital Influence on Gift-Giving Culture

Giving your loved one a gift is one of life’s greatest joys. Whether it be a cozy blanket for the holiday season, classy glassware for a new home, or a simple card to express your appreciation, gifts have long been used to strengthen the bonds between family members and friends.

Today, the culture of gift-giving is going through some significant changes. Modern advertisements, Instagram shops, and massive online marketplaces are shifting how we view, buy, and gift products. But in our constantly scrolling society, it is important to remember the true, deep-rooted reason for giving gifts to those we love. 

A New Age of Advertising

If you’ve spent time on social media (or, for some of us, way too much), you’re sure to have seen your fair share of advertisements. From digitally enhanced videos like Instagram reels to creative promotions from the trendiest influencers, you’re never far from discovering new, “must-have” products. 

For many reasons, this is a welcome change. With this new age of advertising, brands that would otherwise be hidden have a chance to grow a recognizable online presence. An endless amount of niche gifts are available through a quick social media search, and when the algorithm works in your favor, you’re sure to find the perfect present for a loved one. 

On the other hand, the constant wave of trendy advertisements can be a struggle to wade through. For one, it can be challenging to determine the quality of products through only a screen. And for business owners who don’t yet have their footing in the world of social media, reaching your audience can feel challenging. 

If nothing else, the modern age of advertising and eCommerce availability has been a beneficial influence on the amount people give—and what could be wrong with that? With constant access to not only a wide range of potential gifts but also to each other, the act of giving is sure to never go out of style. 

Balancing Convenience and Sincerity 

With the new trends in online gift-buying, convenience is key. People can now shop in comfort from their homes, with delivery times available in as little as a day. It’s a game-changing convenience for many—but it can sometimes cost our gifts some sentimentality. 

We’ve all been there; gift shopping at the last minute when our holiday lists became a little too chaotic, or our minds somehow slipped from that one last item we needed. And rather than scouring retail stores or local shops (which offer shipping—*wink wink*), the call of the internet marketplace provides a quick solution. 

Though the convenience of modern-day gift-buying can be enticing, finding a balance is essential. A heartfelt gift is not always the one you see with two-day shipping on Amazon, and likewise, the hand-crafted jam only available for purchase in your friend’s hometown is not typically the most convenient. 

We’re thankful to provide customers with the best of both worlds—unique gifts from 40+ small businesses plus the convenience of online ordering (did we mention free shipping on orders over $50+?).

As with any gift, the reason it connects you with your loved one is more important than the item itself. And as the culture of gift-giving shifts with the introduction of more eCommerce influence, the bonds between our loved ones and us will be strengthened when we keep that in mind. 

Shelley’s Gift Shop in Richmond, VA, offers a personally curated gift-giving experience. Our inventory is fully stocked with unique products from 40+ small businesses. All in-store items are available for purchase on our website. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn about new products and upcoming events.

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