Shelley's 5 Favorite Foods

Shelley’s Favorite Foods  
Chicken and Honey
I can be found several meals a week enjoying some combination of chicken and honey. 
Seriously,  who doesn’t love cookies? Need I say more?
Obviously we don’t sell oysters.  However, I do love oysters. It is my understanding that they can be very polarizing. Do you like oysters? One day I would like to get a cocktail sauce for the store, but I bet Shoresauce would go great with oysters! We are all sold out of them at the moment. 
I can regularly be found snacking on a very informal charcuterie board. Whoever said that charcuterie boards are just grown up lunchables, was on to something.
Chocolate Cake from Shyndigz
Specifically chocolate cake
I seriously love a good cake. I have been known on several occasions to take home a piece of cake. If you offer, I do not hesitate to say yes! Pictured is the best chocolate cake in Richmond from Shyndigz

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