Instagram Story Takeover - Shore Sauce

Lining up the business owners and makers to do our #makersseries Wednesday story takeovers is a lot of fun! We have heard from great business owners, including  Adriann with Beegohandmade, Sophie with Sophie Printmaking, Felicia with Everlasting Inside Out Beauty, and Andrea with Karmilitia’s. The last week of the first series was Neil with Shore Sauce!
Each business owner shared about themselves, their business, and how and why they started their businesses. If you have missed the story's takeovers, check the Highlights!
Neil is from Asbury Park, NJ, and one night he was making dinner and ran out of hot sauce half-way through his meal. He started looking up how hot sauce was made and realized it was something he could do. His first recipe was Mango, followed by Pineapple and lastly Sunset
Neil also shared all the different food options to apply his delicious hot sauce, which made for a very yummy story! Whether it’s entrees like shrimp, chicken wings, tacos, or eggs, or something a little more unique, like margaritas or even ice cream, Shore Sauce is a great flavor addition.  Neil used an Instagram poll to ask the audience if they would consider trying Shore Sauce on ice cream, which got a surprising amount of yes’s. Would you try Shore Sauce on ice cream?
Shore Sauce is all natural; the Pineapple and Sunset flavors are vegan. Give it a try and let us know what you think! We have gotten rave reviews about how flavorful the sauce is. We know you won't be disappointed!

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