Celebrating Back-to-School Memories and Teachers with Impact

Growing up, summers were an endless blur. Whether you and your friends were pool queens, bike fiends, or camp fanatics, it was the eternal season that went by far too quickly. 

Looking back, it is incredible to think about all those who helped make summers-off and the back-to-school season so effortless: parents, babysitters, camp counselors, teachers—the list goes on. 

To this day, every time August and September roll around, there is still a bittersweetness to saying goodbye to a well-loved season.

The Fastest Three Months: Does Summer Ever Slow Down?

They say time moves faster and faster as you get older, but I beg to differ. The speed at which summer flies by will always feel the same. 

These three months, when, as kids, you could show up on your neighbor’s doorstep and play for hours, would quickly transition to a school night. 

While many of us are not heading back to school this fall, we’re familiar with the seasonal shift. Instead of s’mores ingredients at every corner, stores are full of lunch boxes, cute kitten binders, and colored pencils.   

How Gift-Giving Can Celebrate Teachers In Your Life

Consider this, friends. What if we took a moment to thank those who shaped our summers and our childhood education? More specifically, the teachers who continue to help children make a seamless shift back into the school year?

Here are a few ideas to celebrate the teachers in your life:

  • For your child’s current teacher: Write a handwritten note to introduce yourself and send it along with a token of gratitude. This gesture helps to establish a connection right away.
  • For friends and family in education: Gift them a candle, mug, or baked good to show them how much you appreciate them. We have plenty of options.
  • For your favorite childhood teacher: Surprise them with a thank you note and share your favorite memory.

I was encouraged by a recent segment on The Today Show featuring teacher-turned-author Phillip Done. He recently wrote a book titled “The Art of Teaching Children.” What stood out about his interview was his passion for empowering students and building meaningful relationships—just like his third-grade teacher did years ago.

Watch his interview here.

We’re Not in Fifth Grade Anymore, Toto

Today, our summers might look different. Instead of parents carpooling you and your friends everywhere, you might be the new shuttle. Or maybe you’re home from college or an educator enjoying some well-deserved time off. 

Wherever you might find yourself, take a moment to reflect on what a lifetime of summers has meant for you. Who made the most significant impact? How can you continue to celebrate them?

And while the fifth grade has passed many of us by, there still is something magical about this time of year. The thrill of walking by back-to-school displays is reminiscent of new beginnings—and hey, many of today’s back-to-school items are still perfect for your office supply collection. But maybe not the kitten binders—unless you’re into that… No judgment.

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